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Our FTC disclosure's magnum opus awaits here. Updated Dec 15, 2021, this article contains one or more maps ...

Chicago To Asheville: A Nine Day Sport Touring Motorcycle Trip

This ride took place from 5/23 through 5/31 of 2015. A detailed account of it's events are available through this page as well as each post's base navigation. They are as follows ...

Stories, photos, locations, reviews and more are documented via our day-to-day recollections. Our two-up packing strategy, which incorporates SW Motech's quick release system and Shad luggage, is also developed throughout. If you have alternate route suggestions or would like to experience any portion of this trip for yourself, pay mind to the many included maps.

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It's funny. This trip was inspired by our interest in a possible great lakes ride. A friend pointed out that touching all five coastlines might prove chilly during May and that eastern Michigan tends to be less interesting than the latter. His suggestion to visit Shenandoah Valley went right onto our "two-up to-do list" but more mileage would be necessary for our nine days of vacation. Looking at all things Shenandoah on an Eastern US Map brought something to light: I have family near every national park across America's "New" Heartland.

Always rounding up and with a worst-case-scenario mindset, the total cost for such a trip (two-up) is around $1500. This assumes that all gas is premium grade, every meal is in a restaurant and all lodging provides a roof (hotel/motel). That's $500 for gas, $500 for food and $500 for lodging, each rounded upward to the nearest $100.

It's good practice to have an extra $500 on standby in case you exceed your budget.

Our total spending might've been far less had we decided to camp but two-up travel has it's storage limitations when semi-spirited riding is in order. One night of camping is 1/4 the cost of a motel room and suggests that store-bought food (cheaper) will be cooked over an open fire. There's also the possibility that friends will host you for a night along the way.

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What Long Distance Motorcycle Trips Have You Experienced?

Great riding roads often equate to great destinations. What scenery have you witnessed? What inspired your travels and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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