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"TX3" Group Tour Departs 3/2/2022

Motorcycle Events

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A Stealthy Approach To The 2019 IMS

Many who attended the 2019 International Motorcycle Show bee-lined toward new bikes they'd been reading about and drooling over all winter. Not me.

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TRO Group Motorcycle Tours Are LIVE!

The positive reviews from each and every rider involved are forever seared into our group tours main signup page but that's not what this trip was about.

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Track Day: An Accidental Perspective

I crashed at my first track day but will likely attend another. Learning new techniques while exploring my limits is a sure way to improve my riding.

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Track Day: An Experienced Perspective

As an advanced rider with many years of experience, I have attended quite a few track days and would like to shed a different light on what they’re about.