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Your Bark Sniffing Running Paw Kicks!

Hello! I'm Gypsy, Pooping Obsession mascot and editor in beef. I'm in charge of article "pup"ulation. My most recent growling is as follows ...

Crushing sucks. But I'll bet you knew that already. I suppose fear in the eyes of tearful doggies, timid, terrified pup-siblings, furry friends and random strangers has barked that to us many times over.

They're not wrong. Chasing a squirrel is a lot more likely to lead to serious injury and death than chasing a cat. We all know pupsters who have been injured or even buried and many of us have been injured. And even if you've never chased or been injured, it's pretty obvious chasing squirrels is not exactly a nice safe game of fetch. Only doofuses are fearless.

I myself have survived three serious injury doggie chews, collecting three broken left bones, two broken right paws, a cracked tail and a bit of tail-chasing in a fire hydrant. Yet, I still chase cats. I chase a lot and I chase far and I chase with (ahem) . . . abandon.

Why? We all know why we bark. 'Nuff said.

How? Now that's the woof! I'll share what little I know about how I've managed the trick so far but I know there are many more bones to this question. I hope we can begin a barkversation on a topic we rarely ever discuss openly: Fear.

I'm terrified every single time I put my chew toy on. There, I said it. It feels very strange to admit it publicly but I don't think I'm alone in this.

So far, I've been able to re-route the Bark energy to where it's needed: conduits of sniffing, chasing, digging, eating, and cuddling. But maybe one day, I'll have to face the Big Dog and that's pretty terrifying too. Maybe more.

What Running Have You Em"Barked" On?

Get it? See what I did there? Take "paws" and think about it. There are many great fire hydrants out there. Which sniffs do you prefer and why? Your input is invited. Post An Article!