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The Riding Obsession is an ever developing online venue for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy responsibly spirited riding along routes less travelled. Trip planning, product reviews, general maintenance, modification techniques and third party solutions are all included under one mutually understood domain. We're all equally obsessed!

The definition of sport touring motorcycles remains an openly respectable debate. If your motorbike "looks Lamborghini, rides Cadillac" and is fully equipped for a cross-country journey, our articles are likely for you. Even if otherwise, we regularly publish all-inclusive, universally applicable information for the bettering of general motorcycle knowledge. Our resident authors cover a wide range of experience/expertise within this niche area of motorcycling. In an effort to grow while helping the ST community, guest content is invited.

General discussion and problem solving resources may be introduced through article comments. Our members area provides customizable interaction, catering to riders and wrenchers alike. Register today, explore the web tools and configure each to your liking!

T.R.O. Authors

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Robin Dean

Motorcycle advocate, enthusiast and traveler. Founder, The Riding Obsession (2014). MSF RiderCoach credentials: BRCu, BRC2u, MSRCu, ARCu, 3WBRCu ~ Spotify Playlist

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Margaret Dean

"Girl spectates through life no more" - Those six words capture it all. I used to spectate. I was one of the watchers of the doers of things. Then I became a doer.

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Travis Burleson

Travis Burleson is a motorcycling enthusiast and advocate. He also enjoys making music and beer.

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Joe Konrardy

Joe is a seasoned motorcycle traveler with 40 years of experience who enjoys both street and off-road adventures.

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Tom Burns

Tom Burns is a long time sport bike enthusiast who's love of travel is surpassed only by his drive to obtain time to do so. His current flock includes a Honda Superhawk and VFR Interceptor.

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Brian Wringer

Brian Wringer is a big idea guy, wordsmith, branding expert and vintage motorcycle enthusiast. He's led countless rides and is a GS Resources "Super Site Supporter".

Guest Authors

In addition to the above, we've published articles by guest writers Jordan McDowell, Patrick Mogavero, Don Birren, Jacqueline Williamson, Greg Teiber, Eric Shropshire, John Saporta, Kelly Scurlock, Paul Hahn, Greg White, Kurtis Minder, Dan Norris, Scott Marvin and Domino Rosi ... just to name a few.

Commissions and Revenue

The Riding Obsession's total monthly profits come from affiliate commissions, digital downloads and inline advertisements. We also offer product testing and promotional reviews on select items. See this page for details.

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