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The Riding Obsession is an ever developing online venue for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy responsibly spirited riding along routes less travelled. Trip planning, product reviews, general maintenance, modification techniques and third party solutions are all included under one mutually understood domain. We're all equally obsessed!

The definition of sport touring motorcycles remains an openly respectable debate. If your motorbike "looks Lamborghini, rides Cadillac" and is fully equipped for a cross-country journey, our articles are likely for you. Even if otherwise, we regularly publish all-inclusive, universally applicable information for the bettering of general motorcycle knowledge. Our resident authors cover a wide range of experience/expertise within this niche area of motorcycling. In an effort to grow while helping the ST community, guest content is invited.

General discussion and problem solving resources may be introduced through article comments. Our members area provides customizable interaction, catering to riders and wrenchers alike. Register today, explore the web tools and configure each to your liking!

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Learn about all things TRO including our mission statement, authors and contact info as we explore the ST classification, its history and demographic.

Whether it's riding or repair, the world of sport touring motorcycles offers a vast array of quality motorcycle books that are informative and adventurous.

Tours, rallies and track days are just a few motorcycle events we list on our regularly updated schedule. Submit your event for review via our contact page!

Selecting appropriate motorcycle gear before a ride can make a world of difference. Attire, electronics and even software have their place in touring.

Motorcycle maintenance is often a matter of resource organization. A number of individual processes, some a bit obscure, are documented in these posts.

Motorcycle modification is common among enthusiasts. That's because motorbikes are rarely perfect out the door. We tweak and adjust to suit specific needs.

Learn about sport touring motorcycles past, present and future. Let our motorcycle reviews help you pick that dedicated make/model or custom conversion.

Motorcycle safety is of the utmost importance. Understanding the dangers and continuing development as a rider is a great way to avoid numerous dangers.

One time, a rider was on their motorbike. This is how that motorcycle story goes, complete with lessons learned and truths discovered.

Long distance motorcycle touring maps, custom route GPS software and local resources represent this website's primary ingredients. Plan your ride today!

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Be it particular to sport touring or universal to motorcycling as a whole, we welcome original third-party content. Document favorite routes, tell tales of rallies past or reflect on that recent purchase. If it benefits modern riding, it has a place here. Your input is invited. Post An Article!