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Motorcycle Packing Checklist

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“Our pack & ride checklist for motorcycle touring gear is inspired by a long distance trip across the United States Pacific Northwest.”

Inspired by a long distance trip from the Midwestern to Pacific Northwestern United States, this list serves as a basic reference for the intermediate rider. Use it to your advantage! You'd be wise to note that it accounts for multiple riders. Clicking a check mark will remove an item from the list. A page refresh resets everything.

With regard to socks, underwear and t-shirts, the specified clothing linked below are quick-dry and hand-wash friendly. Only two of each should leave your doorstep (pack one and wear the other). Efficient and well thought out products such as these minimize the overall storage footprint required and thereby lighten the load for more nimble riding.


helmet / lock
neck gaiter
jacket + pants (armored, trilayer)
warm + cold weather gloves
waterproof boots
one-piece rain suit
extra key
pocket whistle
ez-pass (midwest tollways)
main/backup helmet coms
sidestand rest


meal bars
water filter
12 ounce klean kanteen
instant coffee
vitamins/supplements + pillboxmulti-vitamin, B-complex, cal-mag, echinacea, fish oil caps, ginkgo biloba, glucosamine, St. John's


socks x2 (wear one, pack other)
briefs x2 (wear one, pack other)
t-shirts x2 (wear one, pack other)
thermal base layer
lightweight convertible pants/shorts
swim trunks / suit
money belt
vented sun hat
polarized safety/sun glasses
casual shoes
scrubba (laundry system)
portable clothesline (laundry system)


work gloves
natural twine
small hammer
ball point pen
road atlas
head lamp
duct tape
gallon ziplock bags x2
jumbo ziplock bags x4
chain lubricant
cargo nets x2
gopro + mounts
smartphone tripod
roadside tool kit (bike-specific)
first aid kitPac-Kit, Trauma Pak Kit, SWAT-T Tourniquet


hand sanitizer
shower sandals
dental floss
disposable razor
quick-dry towel + washcloth
insect repellent/sun screen


charge station + jump start
4-port usb hub
usb cable for each device
battery tender usb outlet
snapJack v2
sae lighter socket


collapsible chair
titanium flask
small laptop computer
reading material + eyewear (if any)
deck of cards
folding frisbee

What Are Your Favorite Motorcycle Travel Products?

Motorbike travel is all about the efficient use of limited space. What equipment do you like to bring with you when you tour? What makes this equipment worth having and why? Your input is invited. Post An Article!