Your Sport Touring Motorbike Fix

"TX3" Group Tour Departs 3/2/2022

Motorcycle Attire

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Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding Gear

Finding hot weather motorcycle riding gear is all about ventilation and protective armor. I prefer attire that offers the best of both worlds.

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Helmet Shopping: An Ear to the Ground

Let's talk fitment. Don't buy a helmet that's too large. Helmets should fit snug and will loosen roughly 10% over time. Use the manufacturer's size chart.

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Motorcycle Passenger Handles

The Grip-N-Ride provides passengers with something secure to hold onto. Made in the USA, the grips feel secure and stable. As the passenger, I feel it delivers.

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Shoei Modular Helmet: Roll Off Test ✓

Cushions inside a Shoei Modular helmet are flawlessly comfortable. Ear pads + chin curtain eliminate wind entry for quiet riding. It's roll off tested, too!