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Roadside Ready: Ya' Best Have A Multi Tool!

Nothing beats taking to the open road on a powerful motorcycle. If you are one of the 8 million+ registered motorcycle owners in the US, you know you need to be prepared for anything. While most of these mishaps aren't of a serious nature, they can become challenging if you don't have the correct multi tool with you.

Motorcyclists have limited storage space. That makes it difficult to carry sometimes required tools. Thanks to a variety of multi tools available today, you can easily carry all of the tools you need.

That way, you're ready to tackle any minor repair or other sticky situations with ease.

What Roadside Repairs Can You Tackle By Yourself?

Most roadside repairs require little more than basic mechanical knowledge and the right tools to execute. Multi tools get you back on the road without too much hassle.

The most common problem you'll face on the road is a flat tire. That's why it's handy to keep an inflation device with you. Headlight, indicator and tail light bulbs are known to blow at the most inopportune times, making it vital to carry a few spare bulbs with you as well as the correct screwdrivers to replace them.

Broken chains and blown fuses are also fairly common problems. These are easy to repair if you have the tools and necessary spares with you. Due to the fact that some bikes rattle and vibrate more than others, you may also find yourself having to stop by the side of the road to secure items that have fallen off your bike.

Be sure to carry zip ties, duct tape and baling wire to use on parts that have loosened.

Will All The Tools On A Multi Tool Really Be Used?

Taking the most common roadside repairs into consideration, you may be surprised at just how many of the components of a quality multi tool you will actually use. The functions at your disposal will depend on the type you choose to invest in. Most multi tools boast a range of similar functions.

Some of these include:

  • straight-edge knife which is ideal for cutting through duct tape
  • serrated knife that can saw through zip ties with ease
  • needle nose pliers to bend back the cotter pin after re-adjusting the tension of the chain
  • various screwdrivers to tighten down the bolts and loosen screws

Other common multi tool components include a torch, wire cutters, wrenches and interchangeable bits that can all be utilized in a number of ways when you get stuck on the side of the road.

Are Some Multi Tools Better Than Others?

Like everything else on the consumer market, not all multi tools are created equal. Depending on the functions you need (as well as your budget), you can opt for one of many durable tools from reputable manufacturers. Apart from market leaders such as Leatherman and Victorinox, motorcycle enthusiasts can also consider other impressive multi tools such as the CRKT Tool.

It offers a range of metric box wrench options as well as a set of fully-interchangeable bits. Another good option is the SOG Powerlock which is famous for its user-customizable tool set and powerful compound leverage wire cutters/pliers. There is in fact a wide variety of multi tools available on the market that will suit your specific needs perfectly.

A good multi tool is without a doubt one of a motorcyclist's most prized possessions. Even if you don't find yourself stuck by the side of the road needing to do repairs, you can use the bottle opener on your multi tool. They're useful when cracking open an ice-cold beer after a long and exhilarating day on the road.

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What's Your Preferred Multi Tool?

There are a lot of great multi tools out there. Which ones have you tried? What did you like about each and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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Roadside Ready: Ya' Best Have A Multi Tool!

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