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Stay Dry! Lightweight Motorcycle Rainwear

It's only fitting that this next page be about motorcycle rainwear (visit our page about Tourmaster boots to see why). My connection to this topic is a bit of a mess. I'll try and make sense of it while reviewing our solution.

Honestly, I'm going to mention more than one "best" motorcycle rainwear purchase here. Each of these products are great. None are slated for return. Some are just a bit better than others.

My wife and I were planning our first long distance motorcycle trip. The forecast suggested thunderstorms. I figured I'd ride out to Cycle Gear rather than postpone (I shop there too often).

My list consisted of three waterproof investments: two pairs of pant covers and one jacket cover. My (then) go-to jacket had a removable liner which fits over the exterior as a rain guard. The wife would be needing the same.

I bought her a set of Frogg Toggs motorcycle rainwear. They're made from the same material as roofing insulation which means they're light as a feather (seriously ... drop them and they'll start rising). They stand up quite well to even the heaviest downpour.

Motorcycle rainwear On The Road

From Chicago to Columbus, Columbus to DC, DC to Cleveland and Cleveland back home she was warm and dry. Sites were seen. Smiles were shared.

For myself, queue BiLT motorcycle rainwear. Unlike the Frogg Toggs material, their "Tornado" pant covers are made from a typical rubberized nylon of some sort. They work just fine in that they seal out rain equally well. I've since replaced them with a full suit of the same branding.

I'll mention (in favor of Frogg Toggs) that the Tornadoes aren't breathable at all. Moisture collects and that can cause discomfort as a result. Her Frogg Toggs are impressively breathable.

We do own other motorcycle rainwear. I won't expand on it here as it's fully integrated into a textile riding suit. Sedici's Rapido/Ultimo combination is my go-to outfit for all things nasty weather. I often wear kevlar jeans when traveling locally, so my full body covers remain useful.

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What Motorcycle Rainwear To You Wear?

There's other great motorcycle rainwear on the market. Which versions have you tried? What did you like about each and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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