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Gathering Motorcycle Accident Information On Your Smartphone

It only makes sense that our next post be about an automotive accident Android application. This continuation of our suggested smartphone downloads picks up where 911 Help SMS leaves off. Assuming everyone's conscious and physically intact, Platinum Peak's Auto Accident App is a viable next step in addressing the details of a motorcycle accident.

“Assuming everyone's conscious and physically intact, Platinum Peak's Auto Accident App is the next step in addressing the details of a motorcycle accident.”

After installation, opening this utility loads a one-time disclaimer nullifying programmers of any responsibility for your ability (or inability) to contact emergency services. This should serve as a hint that the application is intended for personal organization more than courtroom litigating. Still, that's more than enough reason to consider it's use.

Once you accept the disclaimer, Auto Accident App requests your personal details beginning with the basics. Your name, phone number and e-mail address are stored locally along with a zip code, allowing you to access local service providers directly. If you're suspicious that this app is commercially sponsored, your senses are correct but in this case, that's not a bad thing.

The app gives motorists access to services such as instant towing, auto body, pre-screened doctors and legal representation. One doctor suggests that it helped six people in his area within it's first month of release. It's likely more helpful in a stressful situation, delivering a quick and easy route away from that crazy driver that just cut you off but misjudged his clearance.

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The info tab also throws emotional guilt into your lap via popup messages. Their indirect request for access to your contacts reads "Would you also like to protect your family and friends?" to which I humorously shout "no!" before continuing on. Even after coupling this with it's likely prescreened services, the app as a whole remains a worthwhile resource.

Should you find yourself needing to use it, the accident tab goes deep into the process of documenting everything. You're first asked how many people were involved, whether you were driving and what injuries (if any) you sustained. Next, an image of a car is shown that can still geometrically represent your motorcycle. Tap on the image wherever you see damage and you'll be prompted to take a photo of said area. This "damage map" is uploaded to the cloud.

The other parties are also accounted for using yet another tab where you can type in their license, insurance and plate information. Just as before, you can map damage to their vehicle for your own records. This is how we avoid paying for damages "acquired" after the fact.

Some of the most important information Auto Accident App collects is as follows:

  • date
  • time
  • city/location
  • weather
  • traffic
  • police report #
  • explanation of events

Now onto the services tab, where we're presented with a dropdown menu listing all of what we might need depending on the situation. Medical, legal, towing, repair and rental services are all grouped within a specific mile count of your location. If no subscribing service is listed nearby, a direct-dial button appears which calls the app's customer service line.

Based on the limited availability of motorcycle accident smartphone software, we believe this to be the best app for building a case on site. While the live help tab does allow you to dial 911 (or their free accident support number), Platinum Peak's Auto Accident App is better suited for less severe events. For more dangerous scenarios involving shock or trauma, check out 911 Help SMS.

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What Apps Do You Use With Your Motorcycle?

With so many platforms on the market, finding useful motorcycle apps can be difficult. Which ones do you prefer? What do you like about them and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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