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Unfold our FTC disclosure melodrama here. The following article was last updated on Oct 29, 2022 ...

TrackR + ABUS: Securing Your Ride

TrackR shut down its services and removed its apps in August 2021.

If you live in or are traveling to an area where motorcycle security is of higher concern and are looking for a cost effective solution to lojack your motorbike, look no further than Hebert/Smith's TrackR Bravo. No larger than an American half dollar, this compact and versatile GPS tracker adds digital locating services to your smartphone. Using said tracker in combination with a physical locking mechanism completes the package, allowing you to travel with greater peace of mind.

“No larger than an American half dollar, this compact and versatile GPS tracker adds digital locating services to your smartphone.”

Also available in black, blue and rose gold, attaching the TrackR to your motorcycle is simply a matter of obfuscating it's location. Forgot where you parked? Quickly ring your motorbike through the TrackR app. Stolen bike?! TrackR's crowd GPS coverage updates it's current location every time another user detects it's beacon.

That's the real key here. It's crowdsourced security for your motorcycle. Your TrackR broadcasts a signal that other users also detect. While they aren't alerted to or even aware of that signal, the app still detects it and updates it's location information before notifying you via smartphone.


Even with over one million users worldwide, you might be skeptical as to the probability of recovering your stolen ride. Don't forget that other users of this system are mobile, traveling both locally and state-to-state if not country-to-country. Their smartphones and laptops are by their side, helping you in your effort to locate your beloved motorcycle.

The TrackR Bravo's wallet-thin design is composed of sleek, anodized aluminum so it's both durable and lightweight. Having raised over one million dollars on IndieGoGo and growing their development team exponentially since, their customer base continues to expand as well. With it's built in ringer, distance indicator, crowd driven GPS and separation alert, the TrackR Bravo is a great addition to your motorcycle's physical security system.

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What Security Products Have You Installed On Your Motorcycle?

There are other motorcycle-specific anti-theft items on the market. Which ones have you tried? What do you like about them and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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RICKY dean JONGEMA says:

I had my ninja stolen out of my garage but found it the next day. It was stashed behind tall weeds, where they left it to come and get later. I need something really dependable.

Robin Dean says:


This post is pretty old and I'm not sure if this product still exists but I do empathize with you regarding the need for better security.

I'll be posting something fresh + updating this article soon.

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