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Motorcycle Friendly Campgrounds Are Just A Screen Tap Away

Among the many camping applications that appear in app store search results,'s Camp Finder really stands out. For the motorcycle camping enthusiast, smartphone applications such as this are a must have. Should you feel it's time to park your motorbike and get some shut eye, Camp Finder points the way.

“For the motorcycle camping enthusiast, smartphone applications such as this are a must have. State parks and recreation areas are always at your fingertips!”

Enveloping a garden variety of brand-certified locations, Camp Finder also includes state parks and public recreation areas. At the touch of a button, it presents nearby options ordered by distance or customer reviews. It actually informed me of a campground close by that's perfect for testing many of the motorcycle camping products listed on our ever popular packing checklist page.

Imagine concluding a spirited ride along North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway. Maybe your hotel room's booked ... maybe not. You've been eyeing the forecast and tonight looks to be a perfectly crisp, clear canvas for star gazing by an open fire. You have your gear but this wasn't the original plan. Let Camp Finder engineer a spontaneous destination for you.

Activating the application immediately introduces two search forms and a "magic" button. The button scans local towers to detect your location with minimal accuracy (activating GPS isn't really necessary). A few seconds roll by and presto, you've got options.

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With more than three campground listings, we may as well hit the "reviewed" menu. My own phone shows Fish Lake Beach to be just over eight miles from my door step. They have a 3.5 star review, $30 daily rate, RV parking, tent sites, WiFi, swimming, trailer hookups, laundry and a camp store. The list goes on but you get the point. Actually selecting this listing loads their in-app profile which includes contact and seasonal information.

The map menu allows users to choose via aerial perspective, where each icon links to the same profile as mentioned above. This is good for when night fall arrives faster than anticipated. Setting up camp before sundown is good common practice. Make your choice from the map (or reviews) and tap the "Get Directions" button to automatically load Google Maps Navigation. Easy!

Paired with a sunrise/sunset informative app such as WeatherBug, Camp Finder is an excellent motorcycle camping resource. With some understanding of your own preference for amenities, you'll surely find a campsite that caters to your level of comfort. All in all, it's good to know that when equipped to do so, camping is just as accessible as a motel/hotel.

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What Are Some Of Your Favorite Motorcycle Camping Locations?

There are countless motorcycle friendly campgrounds out there. Which ones do you prefer? What do you like about them and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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Robin, where was the picture taken? (It reminds me of the back side of the sand dunes in CO)

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Not sure, Josh. That's a creative commons image taken from Flickr courtesy of Nick Taylor (credited above).

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