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Number 28 (P2)

Listen in as Maggie Dean chats with Madison area superbike racer Sam Kok about all things track. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Robin is readying for the 2022 motorcycle tour season. Travis has an eggnog recipe that'll sedate a small horse. Tim is officially married!

Maggie Dean picks up where her interview with Sam Kok left off. Sam, a road racer from Madison Wisconsin, shares details about obtaining a motorcycle race license along with tales from his 2021 season. He also hints at a new interest in trail riding to keep his two-wheeled experience fresh.

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Announce, Acknowledge & Correct

Wanna see everything we do to record a podcast? There's a lot of configuration and fiddling involved beforehand. Let's not even get into what Robin faces during production / post-production.

Guest Interview

Sam Kok #28

In a previous episode, Sam Kok introduces us to the world of motorcycle racing via his early 2021 season. With the entire year in tow, he now explains what anyone interested in obtaining their race license might expect. One specific event stands tall in his memory, where he shared both his bike and the race course with a friend.

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