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FTC disclosure tour-de-force here ...

Number 28 (P1)

Listen in as Maggie Dean chats with Madison area superbike racer Sam Kok about all things track. Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

It's been almost a year since our last episode, so ... uh ... Robin is still in New Mexico carving the curves of the lovely 152 and treacherous 52/59. Tim is gettin' frickin' married! The Burleson twins are two and can count to ten.

Our interview features the incredible Sam Kok, a road racer from Madison, WI who competes primarily in the Midwest. He's won national and regional races on a superbike clocking speeds up to 180 mph. This interview is a two-parter! For round one, Sam discusses the heavy technical science behind both low and high speed performance.

Listener questions are a lot of fun this round. The trio goes toe to toe with "new, innovative" and unnecessary (overpriced) technology that is cornering ABS. Then, we advise a well informed friend about bike lifts vs. handy tables.

Announce, Acknowledge & Correct

People, some dude rode 100,000 miles in 100 days. That's 1000 miles per day, minimum. Respect. More on that here: His Name Is Chris Hopper

Guest Interview

Sam Kok #28

When meeting Sam Kok for the first time, one might not suspect he races a superbike with surgical accuracy. Moreover, his kind, thoughtful and safety-minded demeanor offers wisdom to not only advanced-level track day aficionados but new would-be riders as well. In this first of two conversations, Mrs. Mags explores the science behind skills needed for high speed safety (and thrills).

Did We Miss Sump'm?

Sixty percent of the time, we're right every time. What would you add to the conversation and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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Gary Bausch says:

My take on the Slimey Crud Run:

If the weather's nice, you get a huge amount of bikes, from a large area (including Chicago, Minnesota, etc.) coming in for this. New, old, common, rare, restored, beat up, etc. There will be a decent number of bikes there even when the weather is complete crap. I would say "prime viewing" in Pine Bluff is probably around 10:30 am. "Prime viewing" in Leland is probably around 2:30pm. There are a decent number of back roads in the area, should you want to do some wandering. Sadly, sometimes someone (or more) gets in over their head and crashes. With even a med-flight or death now and then. If you're going to do a ride, stick with some friends that you know will ride their own ride. Find some new odd-ball locations to check out. Find some small town food joints.

Just hit one meet-up, or both, or neither. Nothing's official. Nothing's set in stone.

Make your own day of it.

Robin Dean says:

Hi, Gary!

We spoke further about the Slimey Crud Run but there wasn't enough time in this episode to keep it.

Truth is, we agree with your take. Completely. Though, this site's demographic is angled more toward the curve carving crowd (which has its place in the wandering lot, I know).

"If you're going to do a ride, stick with some friends that you know will ride their own ride."

Funny you should mention, as Sam Kok (this episode's interview) rode The Bucky for the first time this year. I told him to look for podcast co-host and Bucky photographer Tim Clarke, as he knows a lot of the riders. Sam did in fact find Tim, who then pointed him toward a safe, sensible buddy of his to ride with.

Perfect for anyone new to that environment.

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