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Savor our FTC disclosure's epic tale here ...

Mr. Yamaha

Listen in as we discuss winter tinker toys, high-end soft luggage and Mr. Yamaha, the No-Mar Ninja. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Robin's winterizing one ride that also needs minor work done in an effort to mod and winter-rock his Hawk GT. Travis got a tattoo that really just ... it just warms the heart. Tim is having titanium installed and once finished, he'll be able to run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

A lot is changing with The Riding Obsession podcast. It's time to have a listen. Make it happen!

Guest Interview

This episode's interview features Norman Hogeveen (pronounced hoe-geh-veen). Norman is a Chicagoland native who's known for his deep love of all things Yamaha. Called "Mr. Yamaha" by anyone who knows him, he's also a favorite tire tech for motorcycle enthusiasts from these parts. Listen in as our newly announced field correspondent Margaret Dean chats him up.

Did We Miss Sump'm?

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