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Mar 1, 2017CommentShare

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Stephen Christena

Listen in as we discuss DRZ slide carbs, selling your Ducati and Chicago's Arc Academy welding school. Music by Andre Louis. Download our feed here.

The Gist

You'll soon be able to voice-record your tips, tricks, tutorials and stories directly into your web browser. We'll then transcribe the audio into a published article! Video submissions are also welcome, for which we'll write supporting text (great if you monetize on AdSense).

Interested in a 2012, 20th anniversary edition of the Ducati Monster 796? Well, we know someone who's looking to unload theirs. Offer the right price and it could be yours!

Guest Interview

Stephen Christena

This month's interview features Stephen Christena, a skilled craftsman who's degree in metal sculpture led to the successful and highly rated Arc Academy welding school in Chicago, Illinois. If you enjoy his segment on our podcast (and we know you will), check out his book, Learn to Weld, available in both hard cover and digital versions. Then do yourself a favor and signup up for one of his classes (or check out their video courses).

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