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Launches Wednesday, August 7th and concludes Sunday, August 11th. Three days of riding at an estimated $675 per bike ($490 if sharing a room). Deadline 7/30/2024. Regions include Wisconsin. There are four bikes for rent within 100 miles of our start point. Read the testimonials!

Skill Meter: 3/5Helmet MeterHelmet MeterHelmet MeterHelmet MeterHelmet MeterA balanced blend of twisties & scenery.

The Wisconsin Driftless Area gets a lot of attention from the sport touring community. Join us for a ride along lesser known routes that we've tried to keep secret (shhh). Chock full of curves, their midwestern chip seal will warm your tires from the start.

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Schedule and Accommodations

Group riding times are discussed/announced the night before. All lodging is included. Some lodging includes breakfast. Customers are responsible for gas, food and excursion fees unless otherwise stated below. Each coordinator will have a limited array of roadside tools. Bring any obscure utilities specific to your motorcycle.


Let's gather and get acquainted! Established 1952, The Round Barn Lodge sits at the crossroads between farmland and a small metropolis that is Spring Green. Skirting the Wisconsin River, this town plays home to a variety of local establishments while dividing the driftless region right down the middle. Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin and House on the Rock a barely a mile away. We'll enjoy dinner around 6pm and discuss the tour.


We warm up the engines on a beeline straight, soon turning north via county M toward Albertville. From there we continue until we reach Sand Creek, eventually meandering west into Graytown. Bouncing between each two fold, we ricochet south at Connersville, filling in the north/south voids at Knapp while somehow rolling east (back to base for post-ride down time).


Launching day two, we're dippin' south and headed west. Our route exhales all things yesterday, offering sweepers and corners to guide us from Falls City to Elmwood. Anything not riddled in twisties makes up for it with vast, beautiful scenery. At SR-29 and County "W", we barrel roll south with a purpose before visiting every curve due east to Cleghorn and eventually, home base.


Our finale blends relaxing sweepers and scenic highways with tight, technical back roads. We head south across the Chippewa River into the Driftless to sample some of Wisconsin's finest "alphabet soup" on our way to the historic Mindoro Cut. West Salem provides a break before we head back north, capped with an easy cruise along Hwy 93 into Eau Claire for evening provisions and rest.


Make your way home! Seriously. It's likely we've all had a wonderful time riding incredible roads while bonding with new friends ... but all good things have their end. We're grateful for your business and look forward to riding with you again in the future, schedules permitting. We kindly ask that you contact us and let us know that you've made it home safe!

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