Rider Testimonials

“TRO tours are the highlight (so far) of my 13-year motorcycling career.”
- Don Birren, MSF Instructor
“Participating in any of their tours is a low-stress, exhilarating and majestic experience that's thoughtfully planned down to the last detail, yet still provides room for spontaneity. I forged bonds during their 'Trip Sevens' tour that will last a lifetime. The sharing of experience and knowledge, blended with mile after exciting mile, enabled me to step up my game as a sport touring enthusiast.”
- Tom Burns, Industry Writer And Enthusiast
“Their tours helped me finally lose the chicken strips on my tires. I could literally feel myself becoming a better rider every day. I can't wait to do this again!”
- Jeremy Francis, Enthusiast
“TRO rides are a fun filled tour de force through some of the best twisty and scenic roads of each state. It's a great marriage of well known and off the beaten path routes that kept me smiling in my helmet the whole time!”
- Davide Ruocco, Total Control Instructor
“I'd never done anything like this before but now I can't wait to do it again. TRO tour routes and lodging are well scouted, resulting in seven great days of riding with amazing people. If you like spirited riding on amazing twisty roads, you'll love TRO tours!”
- Greg White, Seasoned Enthusiast