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Launches Wednesday, November 8th and concludes Sunday, November 12th. Three days of riding at an estimated $1,095 per bike ($705 if sharing a room). Deadline 11/4/2023. Regions include Kerrville, Bandera, Utopia, Leakey, Medina, Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg. There are thirty-seven bikes for rent within 100 miles of our start point. Read the testimonials!

Skill Meter: ★★★☆☆ - A balanced blend of twisties & scenery.

Experience all that Texas Hill Country has to offer. Centered around Kerrville, we call this little city home for three days. To the south, east and west, this majestic part of the Lone Star State has more to explore than just the "Twisted Sisters." Get ready for sweepers, switchbacks, cattle guards and ranch roads complete with beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see!

Each mountain pass hones our senses. Smooth, serpentine roadways challenge us with elevation changes that zigzag through miles of breathtaking terrain. In the opposite direction, we'll visit farm-to-market and ranch roads of the former republic, presenting us with a rousing journey that's unique to Texas.

Not to be missed are The Apple Store Bakery & Cafe in Medina, where it's never too early for ice cream and the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum along RM187. No matter when the hunger hits, there's BBQ just around the corner. Through Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg, we can optionally visit any of the many wineries/distilleries, returning with libations to share around the campfire while our "new" old friends recount memories to take home.

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Schedule and Accommodations

Group riding times are discussed/announced the night before. All lodging is included. Some lodging includes breakfast. Customers are responsible for gas, food and excursion fees unless otherwise stated below. Each coordinator will have a limited array of roadside tools. Bring any obscure utilities specific to your motorcycle.


Let's gather and get acquainted! Established in 1856, Kerrville is part of Kerr County. Best known for its hill country location, their beautiful parks line the Guadalupe River, running directly through the city. Other features include nearby youth summer camps, hunting ranches and RV parks. We'll gather at 5pm, decide on where to eat and discuss all things tour.


We warm up the engines via the town of Center Point, turning south at Elm Pass Road toward Bandera. From there we head west to reach RR107, eventually meandering into Utopia. Next, we bounce north at Garner State Park, touching on RM337 (a small taste of the "Three Sisters"), then 470 east and a grand finale SR16 hoorah leading us back to base.


Launching day two, we're cruising east and rocketing north. Our route exhales all things yesterday, offering new technicality to guide us from Cain City to Henly. Anything not riddled in twisties makes up for it in vast, beautiful scenery. At Johnson City, we juke south with a purpose before visiting every curve of "Old Fred" toward 473, then Comfort and eventually, home.


Our finale blends relaxing sweepers and scenic highways with the tight, technical back roads that are the infamous "Twisted Sisters." We head west on SR39, then southwest on RM187 ... just to reach the start! Vanderpool provides a break before we connect RM337, RM335 and RM336, capped with a reversal of the very same technical riding to return for evening provisions and rest.


Make your way home! Seriously. It's likely we've all had a wonderful time riding incredible roads while bonding with new friends ... but all good things have their end. We're grateful for your business and look forward to riding with you again in the future, schedules permitting. We kindly ask that you contact us and let us know that you've made it home safe!

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