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Launches Wednesday, March 22nd and concludes Sunday, March 26th. Three days of riding at $1,120 per bike ($715 if sharing a room). Five spots remaining, deadline 3/14/2023. Regions include Caballo, Silver City, Three Way, Alpine and Winston. Read the testimonials!

Skill Meter: ★★★★☆ - Twisties, sweepers & switchbacks throughout.

They call it the enchanted state for a reason. Hone in on small towns like Truth or Consequences and it's obvious why. A gateway into Gila National Forest, every route on our three day New Mexico ride is chock full of curves.

Our journey begins with vast, panoramic views directing all focus to an infinite coil of mountain twisties. Arizona's course western pavement then doubles down out of Alpine, dropping 5000 feet back toward our initial starting point. Even more secluded roads are waiting through Winston, perfect for a final "out and back".

Not to be missed during this epic motorcycle getaway are the area hot springs, where a rider can relax sore muscles. Gila's cliff dwellings are just down the road on the headwaters of the Gila River to the southwest. No visit to either would be complete without a green chilli cheeseburger.

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Schedule and Accommodations

Group riding times are discussed/announced the night before. All lodging is included. Some lodging includes breakfast. Customers are responsible for gas, food and excursion fees unless otherwise stated below. Each coordinator will have a limited array of roadside tools. Bring any obscure utilities specific to your motorcycle.


Let's gather and get acquainted! Established in 1950, Truth or Consequences is part of Sierra County. Best known for their hot springs, stargazers come from all over to soak under the night sky. Other area features are built around the established wildlife. We'll gather at 5pm, decide on where to eat and discuss all things tour.