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What We Doin'?

Brian & Robin start a new chapter in TRO's podcast production. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Brian and Robin dive into the thrilling world of route planning. Picture two guys in a virtual garage, huddled over a digital map like it's some sort of sacred treasure map. That's us. We're dissecting every twist and turn on these roads with the precision of surgeons and enthusiasm of kids in a candy store. The goal? To create an epic route for those motorcyclists who think 250 miles is just a warm-up.

We also discuss "that guy" moments, humbly from our own experiences. You know, those unforgettable incidents that are so ridiculous they earn you your own tag on a website. Brian recalls his infamous bike breakdown saga, spending hours trying to fix what turned out to be a flipped cutoff switch. Robin follows suit with a story involving not duct tape but worn-out tires, his first exposure to "that guy" ridicule.

Our conversation veers onto the topic at hand: creating loop routes for riders who can't get enough twists and turns even after covering hundreds of miles in a day. We’re talking about giving them more mileage than their knees can handle (or sanity allows) while ensuring there are plenty of scenic spots along the way to keep things interesting. Kick back and enjoy, folks. We've got some serious cartography going on!

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Did We Miss Sump'm?

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