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Listen in as Robin interviews five MSF administrators about the need for new coaches. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Since Tim & Travatron ditched Robin for the last episode, he's retaliating with this solo mission. What's more, there are jobs involved! That'll show 'em.

The MSF is shorthanded where RiderCoach head count is concerned. RiderCoaches are certified motorcycle instructors who lead students through a well organized curriculum. Not only do coaches enjoy helping fellow riders learn something new ... they get paid to do it!

Many think a vast riding years/miles are required to apply. That's simply not the case. Jason Herheim (WI), Lynne Vandewater (NY), Jeff Alford (TX), Armene Yapoujian Piper (CO) and Scott Haas (IL) explain how they're reaching out to motorcyclists to become MSF RiderCoaches.

Guest Interview

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Believe it or not, Robin is an MSF instructor. That should tell you how amped they are about you becoming a RiderCoach! Jason Herheim, Lynne Vandewater, Jeff Alford, Armene Yapoujian Piper and Scott Haas have plenty to say about it.

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