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Savor our FTC disclosure's epic tale here ...

Monty Hall

Listen in as Tim, Travis and Robin shop their favorite bikes against the formidable paradox. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Now and then, you gotta let the format go. In this episode, our usual outline is in the fire pit around which Tim, Travis and Robin have pulled up their chairs. The conversation can point in any direction these days, the results often a luck of the draw.

Tim has had it with his Husqvarna Svartpilen, plainly stating that it served its purpose. Travis has a few thoughts on prospective bikes as well. Robin gets the lead out about his Beemer until low and behold, we've got ourselves an episode!

The Monty Hall paradox, also known as the "Monty Hall Problem", is a two-chance probability brain teaser. Given three (bike) choices, you reveal a first prospect. Whoever controls the options then unveils possibility number two before asking if you'd like to select a still-hidden third.

Did We Miss Sump'm?

Sixty percent of the time, we're right every time. What would you add to the conversation and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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