Your Sport Touring Motorbike Fix

T. ClarkeOct 13, 2019CommentShare

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Kind of Bluish

Listen in as Tim, Travis and Robin discuss paint work, iron man rallies and light travel tools. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Travis is almost finished painting a (totalled) Ninja ER6-N. Even after the long prep, it's a three-part process. One layer primer meets a next layer of blue meets a third layer that's metal flake.

Speaking of maintenance, listener Dominik is looking to perfect is mobile tool collection. Fortunately Tim's latest bit of kit has him covered. Well, that and a few typical DIY go-tos.

Also in this episode, MSTA (Motorcycle Sport Touring Association) president Patrick Mogevaro wrote us a great article. Kentucky's "Hillbilly Triangle" is a most excellent route. Robin reads it turn by turn and feature by feature.

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