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T. ClarkeJul 28, 2019CommentShare

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Arkansas Ozarks

Listen in as Tim, Travis and Robin discuss a week long riding adventure through the "Bear State". Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

When Tim Clarke plans an ADV tour, he means business. When he plans a week+ long tour, he means businesser. In the case of this Arkansas motorcycle getaway, there's more to keep in mind.

TimCC and his lovely gal make a multi-campground trek in their new, custom-built teardrop camper. Tim's Africa Twin, winched into the back of their Toyota pickup, plays clydesdale to a variety of destinations. Knocking down a Jeep road on day one, the remainder is a relaxed holiday.

Blooming dogwoods, flooded train routes and pleasantly excited locals are key to Arkansas character. With that, no amount of rain can douse what their most rural roads have to offer. The barbecue doesn't hurt, either.

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