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Tag along for our FTC disclosure saga here ...

Electric Mayhem (P2)

Listen in as we conclude our interview with Isaiah Walker before helmet shopping with Don Birren. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Travis is wondering why Honda is using buzzwords like "cafe" to describe their latest modern standard. Robin looks to simplify basic motorcycle definitions. Tim bought a new chair and has his eyes on helmets that offer a heads-up display.

Announce, Acknowledge & Correct

Check out the Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation. Their "Riding for the Long Haul" event looks pretty cool. Drills, demos, a fashion show ... raffles + grand prize valued at $2500.

Guest Host

Don Birren takes a moment to tell us one of his favorite riding stories. Over the course, this leads to a good many questions being answered about helmets. Bottom line, they're always getting better.

Guest Interview

Honda CB750 Super Sport

Our interview continues with Isaiah Walker, a vintage motorcycle enthusiast who also knows what's what in the electric motorcycle industry. His work was pushing new e-bike tech in the right direction. He has interesting future plans within that field.

Did We Miss Sump'm?

Sixty percent of the time, we're right every time. What would you add to the conversation and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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