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T. ClarkeDec 6, 2018CommentShare

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Tim CC 8000 (P2)

Listen in as we continue discussing Tim Clarke's lengthy ADV tour across the Western United States and Canada. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Tim's adventure continues! In this episode, he describes *almost* the entire remainder of his tour from Wisconsin to California to Canada and back. At this point in the epic journey, his chain needs regular adjustment as it's stretched to the very limits of it's designated use.

Did we mention he befriends a grizzly? Yeah. Tim met a Grizzly.

With whiskey in his cough and a tale in his head, Travis and Robin try to keep up with the sheer beauty in all of his photographs. Travis is under the weather, though. So much so that he can't remember how to introduce the podcast he helped start (get well, man).

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