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Tim CC 8000 (P1)

Listen in as we discuss Tim Clarke's lengthy ADV tour across the Western United States and Canada. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

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The Gist

Tim Clarke took on a big trip this season, covering just over eight thousand miles from the Midwest to Pacific coast. Starting in Madison, Wisconsin, he meandered to California where the Pacific Coast Highway welcomed him. A robustly packed Honda Africa Twin covered the journey flawlessly.

Well, by flawlessly, we have to ignore the early flat tire. Also, Tim's love of deep sand and un-scouted dirt routes. The pictures and videos speak volumes.

But to sit with Tim and his girlfriend Sylvia (who met him north of Cali and joined the effort two-up) and actually discuss the various events that transpired ... that's what this episode is all about. There are no sidebar topics, interviews or collective year/make/model details. Today, it's just Tim and Sylvia, feeding our imaginations with all they conquered.

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In case you missed it, we DID record a podcast last month but it was a vodcast. Watch it here!

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