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Savor our FTC disclosure's epic tale here ...

Pegs, Pack, Protect

Listen in as we discuss the Harley-Davidson Street Rod, dry bag luggage and protective BMW mods. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Travis tackles a gasket change to address an oil leak at the transmission. His Honda NC700 is finally ready for riding now that the weather is warming up. New Handlebars, braided brake line and auxiliary fog lights are it's newest add-ons.

Tim got out on his Honda Africa Twin for the "Madison Mule", a group ride that's similar to the "Frozen Snot" run. It was the first time he's ridden dirt since his injury late last season. His latest kit covers non-industry DIY solutions, namely the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Day Pack.

Robin is enjoying his new Beemer during this warm front, however brief. His learning of the owner's manual continues in concert. He's installed a few protective mods: crash bars, frame & swing arm sliders, bolt covers, tank pads, mud guards for the front & rear and a not-yet-arrived carbon fiber Fenda Extenda.

Announce, Acknowledge & Correct

You do NOT have to be an Illinois resident to take the free MSF training course. You simply have to be able to receive mail somewhere in Illinois. Whether that's a P.O. box or fixed address may or may not matter. Credit goes to fellow RiderCoach Don Birren for that information, who would credit somebody else who's name we've forgotten.

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