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Our blockbuster FTC disclosure awaits here ...

Cut The (A)BS

Listen in as we discuss Robin's new R1200RS, Tim's new-to-him Africa Twin and Travis's *ahem* moped. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Robin is excited about his new BMW R1200RS. Of course, this means he'll have to sell his beloved Bandit 1200 to finance his new steed's protection package (frame sliders, plugs and crash bars). Meanwhile, his Hawk GT feels like a new machine.

Travis keeps receiving moped parts in Victoria's Secret clad boxes. Any lingerie that heavy is certain to invite strange looks on delivery. He's managed to finish most of the tinker toy's paint work while considering the option of a big bore kit.

Tim hosted his first garage night at the new house. The turnout was solid and a seat was rebuilt. A few days later, he celebrated with a mid-winter ride on his new-to-him Honda Africa Twin.

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