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"TX3" Group Tour Departs 3/2/2022

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Tim CC 8000 (P1)

Listen in as we discuss Tim Clarke's lengthy ADV tour across the Western United States and Canada.

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This Month In Motorcycle History

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September 15, 1989 "1-2-3-4 Motorbike' is released by the Swedish band Kenneth and theKnutters. The band was formed by two long-time bike riders in Orebro, Sweden in 1982, after Kjell Jennstig and Leif Goldkuhl (from the group Colt45) got an idea for a motorcycle influenced band. After numerous cans of pilsner at a party they wrote a song called "I Want Your Yamaha With Me Tonight'.

The song was enrolled under the pseudonym 'Kenneth & the Knutters' for a local talent competition, "Talent 82", in Orebro. For a laugh, they thought they'd fill the stage with dancing bikers, so they contacted their friends in local motorcycle clubs. When the night came hundreds of bikers but only three bands showed up.

Their performance was a huge success; Kenneth & the Knutters won the competition. Heavily influenced by Status Quo and "the sound of motorcycles" their appearances on a motorcycle show at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and on Motorcycle Day at Gardet in Stockholm led to the band getting a record deal with CBS. The rest, as they say, is history.

Kenneth and the Knutters released 8 full-length LP/CD's and appear on God knows how many compilations. They performed, albeit less and less frequently, until 2012. The band's album 'Loaded, Packed and Ready' went Gold in 1991.

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September 16, 1960 American motocross legend Mark "The Bomber" Barnett is born in Bridgeview, Illinois. As a works Suzuki rider, Mark Barnett was one of the dominating forces in AMA 125cc Motocross in the early 1980's. "The Bomber" won three AMA 125cc National Motocross Championships from 1980 to 1982 and proved he was no one-show pony by winning the AMA Supercross Series in 1981.

In addition to his four AMA Championships, Barnett was a member of the winning 1983 Team U.S.A. Motocross and Trophee des Nations squad. He was also a two-time winner of the 125cc U.S.

Grand Prix of Motocross. When Barnett finally hung it up in 1985, he was the all-time win leader in AMA 125cc Motocross history with a jaw-dropping 25 National wins in the class and was second to the legend known as Bob Hannah on the all-time AMA Supercross wins list with 17 stadium victories. Hewould go on to become one of the leading Motocross and Supercross track designers and builders in the country.

Mark Barnett was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2001 and in 2002 'Racer X Illustrated' ranked him sixth on its "25 All-Time Best American Motocross Riders." .
September 18, 1987 The fast-action, motorcycle-riding, knuckle-busting, gang-beating, crime-drama movie "The Principal" starring Jim Belushi (John's brother) has it's U.S. release. Jim Belushi plays Rick Latimer a hard drinking, motorcycle riding, maverick high school teacher.

One night he see's his ex-wife and her new man in a bar and, in a whiskey-induced jealous rage, he proceeds to beat the shit out of her new beau's car with a baseball bat. The boyfriend cries and calls the cops. His subsequent arrest has Rick appearing before theschool board and after a 10-second debate they come to the conclusion that his behavior is reflecting poorly on the school's image.

They unanimously decide to have him transferred. As hard as this is to believe, he's transferred to a bad neighborhood, to crime-ridden, gang-riddled Brandel High, where he is made the new principal. Latimer believes he can change his image by cleaning up the school (instead of himself), Rick attempts to have an assembly to declare his intentions: "No more! No more drugs, no more running in the hallways, no more being late to class!" he cries.

While he's giving his "No more!" speech, the leader of the school's biggest and baddest gang, Victor, struts in and derides Rick in front of everyone, then struts his bad-self out of the assembly. Chaos ensues earning Rick the enmity of not only the teachers but also school's Head of Security, Jake (played by Lou Gossett Jr. who's money from 'An Officer and a Gentleman' was obviously running out).

Eventually Jake comes on board, he helps manage Rick's policy of no drug-dealing in the bathrooms and to clear out the hallways, but not always with success. Because students are now forced to go to class, some of the more 'unruly' students become increasingly disruptive, including the punk-ass White Zac, who eventually attempts to rape one of the teachers, Ms. Orozco (played by Tommy Chong's daughter, Rae Dawn Chong), with whom Rick is beginning to form a close friendship (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Meanwhile, Victor continues to assert his influence on the school, going so far as to giving a brutal beatdown to an ex-member of his gang and hang him by his ankles when he finds out the kid becomes friendly with Rick and actually starts, gasp, learning. The feud between Rick and Victor eventually comes to a head, leading to a showdown in the school halls while Jake is temporarily locked inside a supply closet as Victor and his gang hunt Rick down. !!!Warning, Spoiler Alert - Victor and Rick fight each other!!! In a seemingly unpredictable ending, much to the shock of the rest of the school who witness the fight, Good gives Evil a beatdown.

Several students cheer Rick on (including Ms. Orozco), much to the chagrin of Victor's gang members. When the fighting ends, a tired and bloody Rick Latimer raises his fist in victory and again declares, "No more!" as Victor is taken away in a police car.

When a student asks, "Hey man, who the hell do you think you are?", Rick responds "I'm the principal, man!" and rides away on his motorcycle (the motorcycle is played by a 1986 Honda VT700C Shadow).
September 21, 1952 Germany's Bremerhavener Fischereihafen-Rennen (Bremerhaven Fishing Port race) is held for the first time. Bikes ran from smack-dab in the middle of the port in the middle of the day, scaring the scales off of the fish with every twist of the throttle, Bremerhaven Fischereihafen-Rennen is one of the last true motorcycle road races in Germany. From 1952 to 1990 the Fischereihafen-Rennen was part of the German Motorsport calendar before disappearing.

Then much to the delight of race fans everywhere in rides Hinrich "Hinni" Hinck who along with MSG Weserland revives the tradition in 2000. Originally the track was only 1400m (roughly 3/4 of a mile), but now it's 2700m (roughly 1 5/8 mile) in length. The start/finish is on the same location as it was in 1952 and still people visit this event with the same fascination as they did sixty-odd years before.

There are eleven categegories of bikes in this fishing port race. The starting field ranges from the 1300cc Superbike to the 50cc "Shot Glass Class". Class 1: Fishtown Superbike Open Class 2: Fishtown Twins & Triples Class 3: Fishtown Junior 600 Class 4: Fishtown Classic Sidecars Class 5: Sound of Classics Junior Class 6: Sound of Classics Senior Class 7: Legend Superbikes: The 80's Class 8: Formula 2 Class 9: GP 50cc Class 10: Legend Superbikes: Big Classics Class 11: Fishtown Sidecars .

September 22, 1977 "Risque Business. Dancing girls performing on motorbikes September 22, 1977 on the stage of Le Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris." I came across this great image of Le Crazy Horse girls on motorcycles but, due to copyright laws Getty Images would not let me copy it for your viewing pleasure. So enjoy these pics of Brigitte Bardot on various 2-wheeler's instead.

Alain Bernardin opened Le Crazy Horse Saloon in 1951off the Champs Elysees, featuring elaborately choreographed routines and sumptuous though scanty costumes of glitter, feathers and fantasy. A self-proclaimed former painter and lover of art, Bernardin regarded striptease as an art. Initially, the public did not respond warmly to his artful vision; the club went defunct twice in its early years but has been continuously in business since 1953.

"I found my way in life with a nude girl, Miss Fortunia," he once said. "It was in undressing her one night after a gala that I understood the body of a woman would make my fortune." Not only concerned with his money, Bernardin showed genuine concern for the financial welfare of his dancers. The club put 25 percent of each dancer's $3,775-a-month salary into a savings account that cannot be tapped until she leaves her job.

Alain Bernardin still operated it until his death at 78 on September 15, 1994.
September 23, 1973 Chas Mortimer wins the 125cc Class Spanish Grand Prix at Circuito del Jarama in Madrid, Spain. Charles 'Chas' Mortimer has his hand's full in Madrid as he wins the 125cc, comes in third in the 250cc and barely misses the podium with a fourth place finish in the 500cc Class. Chas began his racing career at Brands Hatch in 1965 at sixteen on a 250cc Greeves borrowed from his dad's racing school (Charles Mortimer Race School) based there.

In a racing career that would span twenty years Chas Mortimer would win FIM Grand Prix races in the 150, 250, 350, 500 and 750 World Championship classes. His maternal grandfather was the chief test pilot for Vickers Armstrong in Weybridge and flew the first test flight on the Spitfire. He was also the pilot who did all the tests with Barnes Wallace on the bouncing bomb, a weapon that succeeded in destroying the Ruhr dams (Operation Chastise) with the No.

617 RAF Squadron in 1944.
September 24, 1960 After trying all their patience, drawing both blood and gasps, the strength-sapping 35th International Six Day Trials (ISDT) race at Bad Aussee in Austria comes to an close. After 1200 miles through swamps, streams, rockbeds and forests, the six-day race against time known as the "Olympics of Motorcycling" comes to a close. England's hard-riding ISDT legend Eric Chilton straddled, stood on, pushed and pulled his Triumph to a Gold Medal as member of the British Trophy Team.

Eric Chilton, "A quiet man from the south Midlands" rode in the ISDT from 1954 to 1965 winning five Gold Medals, one Silver and one Bronze. The first three years as a privateer then riding for Great Britain from 1959 to 1965.The biggest yearly event in Bad Aussee occurs on Faschingsdienstag (Shrove Tuesday), when the Flinserln dress up in sequined costumes and parade through town to announce the coming of spring. Children recite old rhymes to the Flinserln and are rewarded with nuts or sweets.

The Flinserln are accompanied by the Zacharin, who keep spectators in line by waving pig bladderson sticks and occasionally rapping people on the head with them. The celebration is rounded off by the Trommelweiber (Drum Women). The Trommelweiber are a group of men dressed in women's nightgowns, who go from inn to inn banging on drums, pots and pans, and enjoy the free food and beer.

September 25, 1940 AMA Grand National Champion Mert Lawwill isborn in Boise, Idaho. Inspired by watching Portland's TT racer Eugene Thiessen ("I worshipped the ground he walked on.") and with help from Harlan Woods and his Boise BSA shop, Mert began his racing career on local Northwest TT tracks. He moved to California in 1961 and after tasting success in the amateur ranks, he turned pro in 1963.

Harley-Davidson recognized his burgeoning talent and in 1964 they signed him to a factory contract. With the factory behind him Lawwill's career took off. After finishing on the podium numerous times in 1964 and 1965, the 'Boise Scrambler' finally won his first AMA National at the famous Sacramento Mile on September 19, 1965.

That Sacramento Mile victory would be the first of 15 Grand National wins for Lawwill. In 1969, Mert was crowned the AMA Grand National Champion plus, voted the AMA's 'Most Popular Rider of the Year'. But, heis perhaps best known for being one of the featured riders of the 1971 Steve McQueen movie, "On Any Sunday".

The movie chronicled Lawwill's bid to defend his AMA Grand National title during the 1970 racing season. By the time Lawwill hung up his racing leathers in 1977, he had amassed an incredible 161 career AMA Grand National finishes during his 15-year racing career. Mert Lawwill was inducted in the AMA Hall of Fame in 1998.

September 28- October 3, 2015 One last 2015 vacation, 'Today...' taking in an early Fall swapmeet in Connecticut. Searching for cheap parts and good beer.

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