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Helmet Holidays!

Listen in as we discuss helmet painting, Hawk GT exhaust destruction and the battle of cogs vs. sprockets. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

It's pronounced "Christ-ma-hana-kwanzi-ka" but when Robin says it, you'll hear Mikalika-Hi-Mekka-Hiney-Ho. Señor Dean's slush puppy Hawk GT is almost road worthy, needing only a bit of mounting hardware so that the exhaust doesn't break off at the head ... again. Big changes are being unveiled in the site's navigation and our editor in chief has the details.

Travis is taking on multiple Moto GP moped projects. He wants the world to know that cogs work with other cogs and sprockets work with chains. Also, for whatever reason, there's a surplus of fiberglass all over his garage.

Tim is the proud owner of a raucous Africa Twin. He knows it's raucous because, despite having a broken foot, he found a way to climb onto his new steed before conjuring it's growl. Getting back off the bike ... that's a tale to be savored.

Guest Interview

This episode's interview features Sara Altieri. Sara is a painter and graphic designer who recently relocated to Arizona. She began painting motorcycle helmets when a friend asked her to custom paint his back in 2013. She agreed before testing methods, applications and paints, eventually moving in the direction of pointillism.

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