Your Sport Touring Motorbike Fix

T. BurlesonNov 30, 2017CommentShare

Our blockbuster FTC disclosure awaits here ...

ST Moped?

Listen in as we discuss moped seating, Hawk GT disrespect and prescription strength impulse shopping. Music by Otis McDonald. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Robin's reading Dreaming of Jupiter by Ted Simon, a man who once travelled around the world on a 70's Triumph. He's also managed to make space for his trailer in the garage. Ah ... the garage (Bandit needs some wrenchin' love).

Travis's Pinto moped project continues. He's rebuilding the forks (Moped forks are weird) and front wheel all while disassembling the exhaust. A ride that rocks as intensely as this demands a custom paint scheme.

Tim got his foot fixed. The cast remains. He's shopping for completely unnecessary noise in the meantime courtesy of his new friend oxycontin.

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