Your Sport Touring Motorbike Fix

T. ClarkeNov 15, 2017CommentShare

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Please Stand By

Listen in as we discuss winter wrenching, minor mods and the (not) benefits of crashing a borrowed bike. Download our feed here.

The Gist

Robin's riding season got a brief extension when he organized the inaugural TSSUBMMPOIP Arkansas rally. Sadly, he stop-n-flopped his Bandit but she's fixable. His winter plans have a lot of momentum, especially with next year's Spring tour already organized.

Travis is debating which tires to buy for his NC700X. TKC 80s, Shinko 705s and Avon Trail Riders are all contenders. There's also the possibility of fork extenders and a rear shock adjustment courtesy of Rally Raids and gold valves.

Welcome Tim Clarke! Tim is a sport-touring and ADV guru that Travis met and introduced to Robin. It's only fitting that he should join TRO's permanent podcast ... cast. Do NOT tell him to "break a leg" with this first episode (he's already one step ahead).

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