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Oct 27, 2017CommentShare

Updated Oct 26, 2022 ...

Catching Up

Listen in as we discuss aftermarket upgrades, group riding tours and modern manufacturing. Download our feed here.

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The Gist

We didn't make the effort to build an interview this round. It's been so long since our last podcast that we figured we'd just sit back, crack a brew and yap about whatever. More format changes and features are coming, so keep listening!

Robin's been busy. Product reviews, upgrade installations and group tours are only the beginning. The short of it is, he still loves his Bandit 1200.

Travis is still recovering (he had a bit of an ailment) but managed to get some solid riding in this year. He too has added a couple of minor features to his NC 700. In his own words, each is "totally necessary and works perfectly".

Updated Site Features And Developments

A few minor bugs popped up with plugin upgrades. Each is now resolved. Soon, preferred purchase outlets will be selectable on a link-by-link affilate basis. Group tours will have their own post-signup information page. Lastly, author payments will become automated early next year.

Noteworthy Articles

Listener Questions

Day Ray Writes:

"Hey Guys, just found your awesome article and greatly appreciate the time it took to post this great content. I'm currently looking to replace my Hawk GT headlight. When I went to Super Bright LED's, they suggested a newer model than the LED headlight you showcase. Just wondering if you think it will work with the same installation technique you outlined."

Our Response:

The short answer is yes, we believe it will work based on wiring options provided with this product - HOWEVER - we've long since discovered a much better looking LED headlamp setup that performs better to boot. Basically, the headlight for both Honda's 919 and 599 are cross compatible with the Hawk GT, allowing for the installation of an aftermarket H4 LED bulb.

Suparee's H13 LED Fog Light Bulbs have significantly more luminosity than any independently plugged (non-housed) model. You can see the eyes of vermin that haven't even been born yet, 1000s of years into the future. The "flood" effect is slightly lacking but for the most part, it does the job and then some.

Should you have any motorcycle-pertinent questions you'd like answered, email them via our contact form or by calling (224) 358-3010.

Did We Miss Anything?

Sixty percent of the time, we're right every time. What would you add to the conversation and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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