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Feb 5, 2017CommentShare

FTC disclosure tour-de-force here ...

Meet Becky Kitto

Listen in as we discuss mirror mounts, baking your headlamp and the riding talent that is Ms. Becky Kitto. Music by Andre Louis. Download our feed here.

The Gist

The new Street Triple (and likely Speed Triple, I'd imagine) for 2017 is a 765 instead of 675cc. It has a new display that's color-adjustable, adjustable riding modes, adjustable suspension and an optional shorty seat if you prefer. Good stuff!

Polaris shut down the Victory brand! Motus said they may approach Victory dealers to let them fill the void. Maybe Polaris could get Erik Buell on board as it'd be great to see a USA born sport bike.

Guest Interview

Becky Kitto

Becky Kitto (also pictured above) is a motorcycle enthusiast who works for Engelhart Motorsports and has been organizing events centered around women motorcyclists. Feel free to visit Becky in the used vehicles building at Engelhart Motorsports in Madison, Wisconsin. Say hello or get that new shiny ride.

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