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Ride Ready: Wisconsin Motorcycle Maps

These are some of our favorite Wisconsin motorcycle maps. Although many of the routes are rural, most stay close to civilization. Don't miss the Mindoro Cut!

Have a look at our group tour listings to see when we'll be riding in these parts. Some rides are mere day trips. Others are week-long getaways.

Interested in a custom built motorcycle tour that's better suited to your calendar? Fill out this form and let us get to work! We usually respond within 48 hours.

"Cheese Curds and Chicken Strips"

Map Image

"Yellowstone Lake Run"

Map Image

"Yellow River & Kickapoo"

Map Image

"Chicagoland to Mount Horeb"

Map Image

"Mount Horeb to The Don Q Inn"

Map Image

"Sharon to New Glarus"

Map Image

"New Glarus to Dodgeville"

Map Image

"Mindoro Cut"

Map Image

"Wildcat Mountain"

Map Image

"Soldier's Grove to Monroe"

Map Image

What Are Your Favorite Wisconsin Motorcycle Maps?

Wisconsin has it's fair share of incredible sport touring motorcycle routes. Which ones do you prefer most? What do you like about them and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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