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Who Is "That Guy"?

In our riding circle, there's an unspoken meaning for the term "That Guy". It isn't completely derogatory but it certainly isn't flattering either. We've all been "That Guy" on different occasion and have suffered the wrath of our fellow riders (although it's mostly good-natured).

To qualify for "That Guy" status, you must experience some sort of mechanical, electrical, technique, or gear malfunction. Simply having a malfunction does not automatically qualify one for "That Guy" status because sometimes $h!t just happens. However, in situations where "That Guy" activity is low, a "$h!t happens" malfunction may suffice.

What definitely qualifies one for this esteemed title is when the malfunction is directly related to:

  • Maintenance (or lack thereof) recently performed.
  • Issues whose likelihood have been previously pointed out by fellow riders.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • General goofiness.

In our crowd, only one person can hold the "That Guy" title at any given time. That person will retain said title until someone else has a "That Guy" experience. If nobody else has a "That Guy" experience on a given trip or ride, the existing title holder will retain said title until the next ride when someone else experiences a "That Guy" moment, thereby relieving said title to said person until the next malfunction occurs.

This brief explanation is a foreword which will lead into personal stories of "That Guy" malfunctions. Only the person who was guilty of the malfunction may post their story. Posting stories about other people's experiences is NOT allowed.

You must be able to laugh at yourself to participate and this is all in fun.


Tip: It's especially meaningful to present photographic evidence of the malfunction and aftermath.

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Have You Ever Been "That Guy"?

If you're sure that racing-slick-bald tire will make it to the rally, you might have some explaining to do. Your input is invited. Post An Article!

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