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Maintenance Reminder Pro Keeps Your Motorcycle's Service On Schedule

Update: We've enjoyed experimenting with this app but our free maintenance logs feature has more options and is easier to use. Updating your motorbike mileage/wrenching information is a screen tap away. Register now and start getting organized!

If you've ever found yourself fumbling through the pages of multiple motorcycle manuals in search of that figure regarding the mileage at which some part needs to be re-torqued to a freakishly minuscule yet somehow absolutely necessary value, you might be interested in downloading's Maintenance Reminder Pro. It's designed to help wrenchers keep track of what's supposed to be done and when. By providing both a default list of typically standard maintenance procedures as well as user-customized entry slots, remembering what you've forgotten no longer requires that enormous machine from Total Recall or the Doc's mind reading helmet.

“Keeping track of your motorcycle's maintenance schedule has never been easier. This app allows users to be alerted to priority tasks via their smartphone.”

Even the most bulletproof of motorcycles has it's temperamental side. Attending to regularly scheduled maintenance is the only way to keep 'er from getting the better of you. Oil, tires, air filter, valves, fork seals ... the list goes on yet each is a priority for safe and smooth mechanical operation. That's where Maintenance Reminder Pro comes into play.

Configuration is simple enough. After setting your average daily mileage, the app speculates and notifies you of upcoming tasks. I actually turn that feature off (daily mileage = 0), preferring to open the app weekly to update the current mileage via my odometer. All of my records are then recalculated automatically before displaying an easy to read list of potential concerns.

Your records/settings for multiple vehicles can be backed up in a variety of formats, one of which is cloud storage (Google drive). This makes any transition to a new phone significantly less difficult. Importing previously organized information is as easy as a screen tap.

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In motorcycling, the asynchronous nature of general upkeep can be overwhelming, especially for those of us with multiple motorbikes! By culling data into one uniform location while simultaneously backing it up to outside data sources, Maintenance Reminder Pro helps insure that your treasured two-wheeler remains road ready. As a developing (five year, intermediate) wrench, Maintenance Reminder Pro has cushioned my efforts, eliminating certain stresses so that I might have the breathing room to take on new information and expand my mechanical knowledge.

Note: This doesn't change the fact that we'll soon be their competition. ;)

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How Do You Keep Track Of Your Motorcycle Maintenance Schedule?

Some document their efforts via log books. For others, natural memory is enough. What's your secret? How did you arrive at this method? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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