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GSI's Microdualist: Moto-Camping Cookware

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“One specific product, however, is anchored in my mind as being so good that every alternative purchase pales by comparison.”

One specific product, however, is anchored in my mind as being so good that every alternative purchase pales by comparison. What's more, it's a core component to the world of motorcycle camping. The product I'm referring to is the GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset.

Now, as a motorcycle camper, maybe you're thinking "but I don't need all of that" which makes sense. We're not always riding with a passenger to some rally full of "I'll bring this and you bring that" types. Some journeys are better experienced alone, so why bring the collective boiling pot, two bowls, two cups and two sporks inside of their fitted washing bag?

Well, in short ... don't! The reason GSI's Halulite Microdualist remains the right buy comes in a threefold answer. Let's dig a bit deeper into it:

For starters, it's formed out of an aluminum hybrid (i.e. "Halulite") that's both strong and extremely lightweight. If you're a long distance rider, you know how valuable that statement is. All of it's components combined way a mere 18 ounces!

Nextly, there's the option of having all that's necessary for multiple riders. If you're rollin' solo, removing one bowl/cup/spork component just leaves you with more space for other items. In the case of multiple riders, two people are provided with the very same moto-camping components while four riders is a matter of using each cup as a bowl and perhaps ordering extra sporks.

Lastly, it's a unified solution. Grab the integrated wash bag's strap and pull all that's necessary to get things cookin'. Once finished, the easy-clean and nonstick surface is sponge friendly.

MicroDualist Packed
MicroDualist Unpacked

So, sure! Maybe you don't need all of that for one trip but at other times you might. It's certainly better to order once and then have what you need, no matter the event.

We see that others have purchased the same company's Cascadian 1 Person Tableset (clunky), the Extreme Mess Kit (Extreme? Really?) and the near identical but heavier Glacier Stainless Dualist. For the first time and with all due respect, my response is a humorously charged "stop it!" coated with a side order of "the GSI Halulite Microdualist is better!"

... and I'm right.

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What's Your Preferred Motorcycle Camping Cookware?

There are other great motorcycle camping products out there. Which ones do you prefer? What do you like about them and why? Your input is invited. Leave a comment!

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