Group Riding and Social Etiquette

There's a well known phrase about opinions. Everybody has one. That includes your tour leader and this website as a whole. While we look forward to getting to know you and the rest of our clientele in person, we feel it best that everyone be "on the same page" when it comes to group riding practices and post-ride social behavior. Both environments have their differences, so we've divided them accordingly below ...

On The Bike (Riding)

  1. Do not ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even if within the legal limits, consumption of alcoholic beverages during riding hours will not be tolerated. Failure to respect this rule forfeits your involvement with the tour/group collective. No refunds will be offered or awarded. Save it for the end of the day!
  2. TRO demands that all customers wear a full-face, DOT approved motorcycle helmet, fully armored (textile or otherwise) ATGATT ridewear, protective gloves and over-the-ankle riding boots while on their motorcycle. There are no exceptions.
  3. Maintain a staggered formation and safe following distance by default. Use the three second rule: it should take a minimum of three seconds to pass the same point as the rider ahead of you.
  4. Don't pass unless signaled to do so by the rider ahead of you. If they seem "oblivious", wait for a passing zone with an open field of view.
  5. Share the road. We as motorcyclists aren't the only people enjoying these beautiful routes. Joggers, bicyclists and the Amish are often seen admiring the surrounding scenery as well. Be cautious while passing them by. Should we encounter horses, roll off the throttle and squeeze in your clutch so that you coast by quietly.
  6. Ride your own ride! Don't fixate or concern yourself with the speed/performance of the rider ahead. Focus on your own skill set and prioritize safety. We're not competing or exploring our limits. Some will ride faster than others.
  7. Keep track of the rider behind you. In long straights and at stops, check to be sure they're in view. If they aren't, slow down and wait until you see them approaching. If after three minutes they've still not caught up, call the ride "sweep" (the ride leader in back). If they pass you by, continue on without reclaiming your previous position in the formation (see passing procedure above).

Off The Bike (Social)

Keep an open mind should alternate routes need to be coordinated. Road closures, poor surface conditions and acts of nature are all possible obstacles. We will find our way around them.

Get to know your fellow riders along the way! All thoughts, observations and experience are welcome. Road riding and sightseeing with like minded individuals is why we do this in the first place!